If trends do indeed come and go in cycles, then we're currently heading back to colonial times when cider was the drink of choice.

Great American Ciders

If trends do indeed come and go in cycles, then we’re currently heading back to colonial times when cider was the drink of choice. Demand for cider in the US has skyrocketed, along with the number of different ciders made and sold in this country. In fact, production of American cider tripled from 2011 to 2013.

Here, 12 of our favorite ciders, in four styles.


Probably the fattest growing category, dry ciders hark back to the age of Johnny Appleseed (who wasn’t planting apples for eating), when cider was bone-dry.

Farnum Hill Extra Dry

A great cider for Champagne-lovers, this seriously dry sparkler is tart and brightly acidic.

Eve’s Cidery Northern Spy

This zesty cider is made with a single variety of apple: the Northern Spy, which is known for its tartness.

Tieton Blend

Both native Washington apples and bitter European cider apples go into this mildly tannic, toasty cider.


Sweet, fruity and friendly, this style of cider is the most common in the US. It’s the way to go for cider newbies.

Ace Apple Cider

Clean and crisp, this Northern California cider is terrifically fruity without being cloying.

Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider

Straightforward and easygoing, this upstate New York cider is honeyed, rich and almost malty.

Original Sin Hard Cider

Very light and bright, this cider is a good afternoon refresher.


This is the cider style of choice for sour beer fans—or anyone who grew up drinking cider in France or Spain.

Eric Bordelet Sydre Argelette

Wine isn’t the only biodynamic beverage. Eric Bordelet uses biodynamic methods to grow and make cider in the Pays de Loire in France. His Sydre Argelette is minerally, spiced and tart.

Isastegi Sagardo Naturala

A natural cider from Spain, this bottle is not for beginners. It’s tart, green appley and deliciously complex.

Sarasola Sagardoa

If you want to drink this traditional Basque cider correctly, you have to pour it into your glass from high above your head in order to create some natural carbonation. It’s citrusy, briny and slightly sulfuric.


If drinking cider isn’t fall enough for you, these spiced seasonal ciders will evoke log cabins, roaring fires and baking pies.

Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple

Imagine apple pie, juiced. It’s sweet and cinnamony with a nice nutmeg kick.

Woodchuck Fall Harvest

A new seasonal release from one of the country’s most popular cider brands, the Fall Harvest is nicely spiced with some hints of maple.

2 Towns Nice & Naughty

Think pumpkin pie spices sprinkled on a tart apple.