Here, eight (relatively) healthy Bloody Marys.

Kimchi Bloody Mary

We just read the greatest news: According to a nutritionist interviewed by the Daily Mail, a Bloody Mary absolutely counts as one of the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables we are all supposed to consume every day. In fact, the popular brunch drink is absolutely packed with potassium, thanks to the tomato juice. The newspaper notes that maybe a Virgin Mary is better—but we’ll ignore that. Here, eight (relatively) healthy Bloody Marys.

This clever Bloody Mary variation gets its heat and flavor from pureed kimchi, along with a dash of Sriracha.

Make this deconstructed Bloody Mary year-round with bottled tomato juice, though fresh, ripe summer tomatoes are preferable. As the colorful flavored ice cubes melt in the cocktail, they slowly season the drink.

Lighten up a Bloody Mary by replacing tomato juice with tomato water—tomatoes pureed with lemongrass, chile and onion, then strained.

Inspired by the classic Bullshot, this recipe incorporates the tangy South American condiment chimichurri along with veal stock and freshly pressed tomato water.

Sriracha replaces Tabasco in this version of a Bloody Mary.

Black pepper, Tabasco and fresh chile give this delicious Bloody Mary a fiery kick.

Balsamic vinegar gives this Bloody Mary a lot of depth and a delicious tang.

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten makes this zingy Bloody Mary spiced with pureed Thai chile in place of the traditional Tabasco, giving it a subtle, fruity sweetness.