Brandy is a spirit made from distilled wine, usually served as an after-dinner drink or used in flambé dishes—like Jacques Pepin's recipe for classic Crepes Suzette. Brandy is a great addition to a number of cocktails, and is often added to fruity sangrias. It's an essential ingredient in a Sidecar, a classic drink typically made with brandy, orange liqueur and lemon juice. We love this holiday-inspired version that uses hazelnut sugar, apple-flavored brandy and Frangelico. Whether you're looking for an alcohol-infused dessert or want to step up your cocktail cred, F&W's guide to brandy has all of the recipes you need.

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Apple Brandy Will Give Your Summer Cocktails a Fresh Fruity Kick
Our favorite version is made by America's very first distillery.
A Few Small Nips
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Austin bartender Jessica Sanders took inspiration from Frida Kahlo painting called A Few Small Nips when creating this drink. "Like Frida's great love story with Diego Rivera, this cocktail is fiery and tumultuous but also tender and fragile," she says. Slideshow: More Easy Cocktail Recipes  This recipe originally appeared in the Food & Wine 2016 Cocktails book. 
Silly Rabbit
For this herbal spiced juice cocktail, San Diego bartender Lindsay Nader collaborated with Dave Fernie, then manager of the Parisian-style club Pour Vous in L.A. Fernie named the drink Lapin Fou, which means "silly rabbit" in French.Slideshow: More Easy Cocktail RecipesThis recipe originally appeared in the Food & Wine 2016 Cocktails book.
Brandy Sazerac
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This take on the New Orleans classic from Yon Davis at the Pontchartrain Hotel harkens back to the original incarnation of the drink. After a Cognac shortage in France in the 1870s, bartenders began to use American rye whiskey as a substitute. Slideshow: More Cocktail Recipes 
Granny's Brandy
Pisco, the South American grape brandy, adds punch to this tart, refreshing and slightly herbal juice. Omit the pisco for a mocktail of surprising flavor and complexity. Slideshow:  More Beautiful Cocktails 
Canned Mojitos, Apple Brandy and Cherry Blossom Martinis
Coffee, wine, beer, cocktails-if it's made well and it's potable, then F&W editors will drink it. Here's what we tried this past week.

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Holy Roller
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“Brandy is usually sipped by the fireside, typically by people who have the money to spend on it,” says Chris Lowder, bar manager at the NoMad in New York City. He bucks convention, mixing the upscale spirit with Pabst Blue Ribbon and cilantro for a summery, high/low beer cocktail. Slideshow:  Brandy Cocktail RecipesRecipe from Food & Wine Cocktails 2015 
Brandy Drinks
Brandy isn't just for drinking straight from a snifter: It's also a key addition to a variety of wonderful cocktails, from an apricot sour to a classic Sidecar. Here are 15 of our favorite brandy cocktails.