Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Tastes Tequila with His Favorite Foods

The Rock and executive wine editor Ray Isle talk tequila, food, and family—and do a little arm wrestling.

On a special new episode of Bottle Service, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joins our executive wine editor, Ray Isle, for a tequila-tasting session.

Johnson says that tequila has been in the family for a very long time, which inspired him to start his own small-batch tequila brand, Teremana. The brand makes small-batch tequila in Jalisco, Mexico, and Johnson says he's sipped it with "literally everything." So he and Isle sample it with some of his favorite foods.

Teremana offers two types of tequila: blanco and reposado. The blanco has notes of bright citrus, while the reposado, aged in former bourbon barrels, has notes of oak and vanilla. First, Isle and Johnson taste the reposado on the rocks with "healthy chicken and rice;" next is "cheat meal sushi," a nod to the cheat meals Johnson eats once or twice a week. They also have a few sips of Ranch Water, which is Teremano Blanco mixed with mineral water, and a little bit of lime juice.

Finally, they have a family-style meal—steak, corn on the cob, salad, and loaded potatoes, which they pair with a tequila Old-Fashioned made with reposado, which Johnson says went through 113 distillations.

The Rock Tequila Bottle Service with Ray Isle
Tyler Golden

In the video, Johnson also reveals his two favorite cookies, which, coincidentally, can also be paired with tequila—milk chocolate chip, as well as peanut butter mixed with milk chocolate chip and a little bit of peanut butter on top. (Isle says the latter would go great with añejo.) And he explains the story behind the Teremana name as well. "Tere" is derived from "terra," meaning earth, while "mana" is the Polynesian word meaning spirit. All together, the name means "Spirit of the Earth."

"A good way to describe mana is this entire sit-down that we've been doing," Johnson says. "Of laughing and joking—the mana is good. You can feel the mana. It's a very real thing."

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