Bitters are cocktail flavorings made from aromatic herbs and fruits, added to drinks in "dashes." It's possible to make your own bitters, though it's quite a long process and requires offbeat ingredients like cinchona bark and gentian root. If you're pressed for time (or resources), we recommend buying bitters and using them to craft your own delicious cocktails. A dash of orange bitters does wonders for a simple blueberry margarita, and celery bitters add a surprising twist to this whiskey cocktail. Whether you're a seasoned bartender or an aspiring mixologist, check out F&W's guide to bitters for tried and tested recipes.

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Aromatic Bitters
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It's fun to make your own bitters, and it takes relatively little effort—just some time to allow the flavorful aromatics to infuse the alcohol. This citrus-spice batch will go nicely with all of your favorite cocktails that call for bitters, or add a few dashes to a glass of seltzer for a refreshing thirst-quencher. If you'd like, you can divide the mixture between a few dropper bottles and gift them to your cocktail-loving friends. 
A Sichuan Spin on the Classic Negroni
At Jing Bar in Chengdu, this spiced-up version of the classic Italian aperitivo cocktail pairs perfectly with regional cuisine.
Figgy-Orange Bitters
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The bark, roots and other more esoteric ingredients used to make bitters can be found at dandelionbotanical.comReinvented Classic Cocktails
According to Angus Winchester, "Creamy drinks have had a rough time in the world of modern mixology," so he decided to create one out of sheer "bloody-mindedness" (British lingo for cantankerousness). More Gin Cocktails