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Cocktail kits conveniently pack the ingredients you need for mixing your own drinks and deliver them to your home or business. The best cocktail kits offer creative recipes by experienced mixologists and provide the types of spirits and mixers that you prefer. Many appeal to those who want to try something new by offering full kits that include the required alcohol, and most have the option of mixer-only kits for those who may already have access to a well-stocked bar.

Some cocktail-making kits cater to couples by including enough ingredients to make two to four drinks, while others are a better fit for parties and large groups. Kits can include small-batch craft spirits and natural mixers as well as spirits from widely-known producers. A kit may appeal to adventurous drinkers with innovative, modern recipes, or it may highlight classic cocktails for those who want to learn the basics.

Best Cocktail Kits of 2023

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We researched eight companies that ship cocktail kits, some of which include alcohol. Our team collected 14 data points about each company, ranging from price and delivery area to offerings, what’s in each shipment, and avenues for reaching customer service.

Best Overall: Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier logo
Cocktail Courier

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $29.99/month
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Alcohol Included: Yes

Why You Should Try It

Cocktail Courier gives you everything you need to make award-winning cocktail recipes developed by top bartenders from around the world.


  • Numerous cocktails to choose from
  • Can choose number of servings
  • One-time purchase and subscription options


  • Starting price does not include spirits

This cocktail-making kit is full of flexibility, allowing you to customize it to your tastes. There are multiple cocktail options to choose from, and all kits include top-shelf mixers and garnishes. Those who keep a stocked bar at home can choose to receive only the mixers in the kit, while others can upgrade to receive recommended spirits from both national brands and craft distillers. You can also select the size of your kit to serve anywhere from two to eight people, depending on the cocktail you choose.

You can select a one-time kit order or opt for a monthly subscription. Subscribers receive a kit that can save an average of 20 percent off the regular price, and shipping is free. This subscription offers a lot of flexibility; you can swap your favorite spirits, switch out cocktails, and skip or add deliveries at any time.

Pricing and Plans

  • Just the Mix: $29.99 per kit
  • Classic Size (includes alcohol): $49.99 per kit

Best for Budding Mixologists: American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club Logo
American Cocktail Club

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $43.99/month
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Alcohol Included: Yes

Why You Should Try It

With American Cocktail Club, you'll receive a kit with all the ingredients needed to make four servings of a sophisticated cocktail recipe.


  • Options for kits with and without alcohol
  • One-time purchase and month-to-month subscription options
  • All-natural craft mixers included


  • Does not include fresh garnish items such as citrus

If you want to make sophisticated drinks at home, this club curates recipes for exclusive Michelin-star-quality cocktails for its members. While you can choose to pay month to month, for the best value, select one of its pre-pay options that range from three to 12 months. Club members choose a kit with or without spirits that contains mixers, sparkling waters, and garnishes such as dehydrated citrus slices.

The website makes it easy to assess if the cocktails offered fit your preferences. You can browse through the archive, which highlights the featured cocktails from the past couple of years. Each kit you'll receive makes four servings of the cocktail featured that month, and the included recipes highlight the company's own all-natural craft mixers made from organic fresh fruits.

Pricing and Plans

  • Everything But The Booze Box: $43.99 to $49.99 per kit
  • Everything Box: $53.99 to $59.99 per kit

Best Variety: SaloonBox

Saloon Box logo
Saloon Box

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $55/month
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Alcohol Included: Yes

Why You Should Try It

This cocktail kit is designed with two people in mind, offering small-batch servings while giving you access to all types of top-shelf spirits that are difficult to find in single-serve quantities.


  • Includes spirits hard to find in small quantities
  • Each box makes two different cocktails
  • Skipping shipments and substitutions allowed


  • Three-month commitment for club

For those who enjoy the occasional cocktail made with high-end spirits but don't want the commitment of full bottles, this cocktail kit may be the perfect solution. The SaloonBox monthly subscription is designed with two people in mind, with the ingredients to make two servings of two different cocktails in each box. The boxes include a variety of ingredients including mixers, syrups, bitters, and garnishes, along with small quantities of top-shelf spirits.

You'll need to commit to at least three months to join the club, but you'll have plenty of notice as to when your subscription ships, so you can skip a shipment or make substitutions. You can also browse past cocktail kits on the website to get an idea of what you can expect in your upcoming shipments. Boxes that only include mixers and garnishes (no spirits) are offered upon inquiry if alcohol cannot be shipped to your state.

Pricing and Plans

  • 3-Month Prepay $172.99 ($57.66 per month)
  • 6-Month Prepay $338.99 ($56.50 per month)
  • 12-Month Prepay $655.99 ($54.67 per month)

Best for Mixers Only: Shaker & Spoon

Shaker and Spoon Logo
Shaker and Spoon

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $59/month
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Alcohol Included: No

Why You Should Try It

This kit is loaded with a creative variety of mixers for those who believe that spirits alone do not a great cocktail recipe make—the quality of the other ingredients is equally important.


  • Kits make 12 cocktails, ideal for groups
  • Ingredients for three different recipes in each kit
  • Recipes from award-winning mixologists


  • Shipping not included
  • No option to include alcohol

Each of these kits contains the ingredients you need to make three cocktail recipes that have been developed by top mixologists, including the citrus, housemade syrups, bitters, and garnishes. While the alcohol is not included, each box is built around one spirit, saving you the hassle of buying multiple varieties. If you are interested in trying something new, the bartenders featured that month share the specific spirit and brand they would recommend for the recipe and why: Not only are you building up your bar, you'll also be building your knowledge in mixology.

The contents of the kits are announced about a month prior to their release, so you can plan ahead if you want to serve them at a gathering. Each cocktail-making kit makes 12 drinks, four from each recipe. Subscriptions range from month-to-month up to a 12-month prepaid membership. Shipping is not included in any of the subscription prices, and there is a flat-rate fee of $8 per box.

Pricing and Plans

  • Month-to-Month: $59/box
  • 3-Month Prepay: $169 ($56/box)
  • 6-Month Prepay: $319 ($53/box)
  • 12-Month Prepay: $599 ($50/box)

Best for Apéritifs: Haus

Haus logo

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $35/month
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Alcohol Included: Yes

Why You Should Try It

If you like to mix lower-alcohol drinks but don't want to skimp on intensity and variety of flavor, these kits may be for you.


  • Two kit options that offer different flavors
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Eight flavors to choose from


  • Mixers and garnishes not included

Described as being made with farm-to-bottle ingredients, Haus' apéritifs (lower-ABV drinks traditionally served before a meal) are free of artificial additives and refined sugar. The kits offer a selection of flavors to choose from that you can customize at home. You can start by trying out The Spritz Kit, which offers four bottles of unique flavors (such as Lemon Lavender) that are ideal for combining with sparkling water or tonic. You can also choose The Cocktail Kit, which includes apéritifs such as Ginger Yuzu (an aromatic blend of yuzu, ginger, Rooibos tea, and lemongrass) that are ideal for mixing into classic cocktails as a substitute for higher-proof spirits.

There is also the option to jump right into a membership. You'll receive one to six full-size bottles in the flavors of your choice each month. Members receive access to exclusive blends, product discounts, and free shipping.

Pricing and Plans

  • The Spritz Kit: $50
  • The Cocktail Kit: $50
  • 1-Bottle Membership: $35/month
  • 2-Bottle Membership: $63/month
  • 6-Bottle Membership: $168/month

Best for Traveling: The Cocktail Box Co.

The Cocktail Box Co. Logo
The Cocktail Box Co.

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $22.99 each
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Alcohol Included: No

Why You Should Try It

Small and compact, these kits pack easily so you'll have what you need to mix a tasty cocktail around the campfire or in a hotel room after a long day on the road.


  • Creative packaging for easy transport
  • Kits make three to six cocktails
  • 10 types of cocktail mixes to choose from


  • No alcohol included

It's hard to believe that so much good stuff can come from one tiny box, but this kit manages to pack in everything you need for a classic cocktail (minus the spirits). There are 10 drinks to choose from and inside you'll find ingredients such as cubes of cane sugar, vials of bitters, and packets of syrup and citrus juice. The kits also come with a linen coaster and a small muddler spoon for added convenience.

These tin boxes are as ideal to pack for travel as they are fun for gift giving. Each kit makes three to six drinks depending on the cocktail selected. While there are no recurring subscription options, you can order single kits or multi-cocktail sets that range from two to 10 kits. All orders ship for free.

Pricing and Plans

  • Single Kit: $22.99
  • 2-Pack Kit: $39.99
  • 4-Pack Kit: $69.99
  • 6-Pack Kit: $99.99
  • 8-Pack Kit: $129.99
  • 10-Pack Kit: $154.99

Best for Gifting: Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste Logo
Crafted Taste

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $100/month
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Alcohol Included: Yes

Why You Should Try It

Ideal for gift-giving and special events, these kits come with full-size bottles of spirits and mixers with recipes by top bartenders that can serve up to 16 people.


  • Flexible gift options
  • Full-size spirits and mixers
  • Can skip months and modify subscription


  • Alcohol ships separately

This cocktail-making kit is for those who want to go big. Each kit serves 12 to 16 people, making it ideal for those who enjoy entertaining. You'll receive full-size bottles of spirits and mixers along with the other ingredients you'll need to make recipes developed by experienced bartenders. There are three options for kits to choose from including mixers-only, full kits that contain the necessary alcohol, and premium kits that get you premium spirits and the occasional bonus bottle that complements the other ingredients in the box.

The website makes buying a cocktail kit gift easy, with options to purchase a membership for as little as one month or up to 12 months long with flexible start dates. You can also choose a month-to-month membership or buy kits à la carte if you'd like to try before you buy. You'll have plenty of notice before your box ships, at which point you can either skip a shipment or choose to downgrade (or upgrade) your plan.

While shipping is included, alcohol does ship separately, and the company states that while they make every effort to coordinate the delivery of your box and the alcohol, it's a good idea to have a backup plan in case you are planning to share your cocktails at a scheduled event.

Pricing and Plans

  • Mixers Only: $100/month
  • Full Kit With Alcohol: $150/month
  • Premium Upgrade: $200/month

Our Unboxing Process

The fun part about putting together this roundup was opening each delivery box and making some cocktails. We captured the unboxing process to help you decide which cocktail kit might be best for you. We paid attention to:

  • The outside packaging: How sturdy was the box?
  • The inside packaging: How were the contents secured inside the delivery box?
  • Extras: What else besides the actual products were in the box? We wanted to know if the companies included any literature or freebies such as glasses, tasting notes, etc.
a person making a drink using a cocktail kit

Food & Wine / Mohamed Sadek

Final Verdict

Our pick for the overall best cocktail kit comes from Cocktail Courier. The modern, innovative recipes developed by top bartenders ensure that you'll discover something new while allowing you to enjoy your cocktails from the comfort of home. Flexible options enable you to choose kits with or without alcohol, subscribe or make a one-time purchase, and ability choose your preferred number of servings. Kits can also be customized by swapping out specific spirits or cocktail recipes before your box is shipped.

two cocktails in glasses sitting on a granite countertop

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Compare the Best Cocktail Kits

Company Starting Price Free Shipping? Alcohol Included? Delivery Area Gift Option?
Cocktail Courier  Best Overall $29.99/month Yes Yes 48 states Yes
American Cocktail Club Best Value $43.99/month Yes Yes 45 states Yes
SaloonBox Best Variety $55/month Yes Yes 41 states Yes
Shaker & Spoon Best for Mixers Only $59/month No No 50 states Yes
Haus Best for Apéritifs $35/month Yes Yes 36 states Yes
The Cocktail Box Co.  Best for Traveling  $22.99 each Yes No 50 states Yes
Crafted Taste Best for Gifting $100/month Yes Yes 50 states without alcohol; with alcohol not disclosed Yes

What Is a Cocktail Kit?

A cocktail-making kit includes one or more cocktail recipes along with the ingredients to make the drink, such as mixers, syrups, bitters, and garnishes. Kits can contain the spirits needed for the recipe, or you may have the option to choose a mixers-only box. Many cocktail kits provide a subscription service so that you can receive a new box each month or give it as a gift.

Why Should I Buy an At-Home Cocktail Kit?

Most cocktail recipes require several ingredients. The time it takes to shop for all the ingredients as well as the space needed to store extras left over can be burdensome. Cocktail kits make it easy for you to mix your own cocktails at home by delivering exactly what you need to make a specific drink recipe. These kits often feature drinks developed by top mixologists, so you can try something new that you likely would have not thought of on your own.

How Much Do Cocktail Kits Cost?

The price of a cocktail kit depends on the amount of ingredients included and the number of servings provided. The quality and type of the ingredients included also influences the price. Kits start at about $23 for mixers-only boxes. The price increases to as much as $200 for kits with premium spirits that let you serve a small crowd.

What Are the Five Most Popular Cocktails?

Top cocktails vary year to year depending on what is trending during that time, but there are a few classic cocktails that are always on the list. These include the Bourbon Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Espresso Martini, Long Island Iced Tea, and the Margarita. Other popular cocktails include the Dirty Martini and the Negroni.


We evaluated multiple cocktail kit delivery services to find the best kits that allow you to enjoy handcrafted drinks at home. We focused on multiple factors to ensure our picks have the options you need to make both modern and classic cocktail recipes.

Choices for mixer-only cocktail kits as well as high-quality ingredients such as housemade syrups and flavorful bitters were taken into consideration. A variety of serving sizes was important to provide options for quiet evenings alone at home as well as for large gatherings. Our goal was to deliver a selection of kits with a variety of ingredients, allowing you to create quality cocktails that are easy to mix and serve on your own.

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