Sloe gin, the liqueur traditionally made in the U.K. by infusing supertart red sloe berries in gin, is the secret ingredient in trashy drinks like the Alabama Slammer, and others with much more pornographic names commonly favored by U.S. sorority girls. Most commercial sloe gin here is sticky-sweet, unnaturally purple and made with cheap booze, but yesterday, F&W deputy cocktail book editor and mixologist extraordinaire Jim Meehan gave me a taste of the delicious version from U.K.-based Plymouth. Unfortunately, this ruby-hued, more delicate sloe gin, which has a lovely tart finish, is not available in the U.S. According to Jim, there are no signs of Absolut, the company that owns Plymouth, importing it any time soon. Still, I can’t help hoping the company will revise its stance and give the U.S. market a go. After all, sorority girls do eventually grow up.