Beer Cocktails

If you're not drinking beer as a cocktail, you're seriously missing out. These frosty, bubbly drinks are perfect for hot summer days and couldn't be easier to make. Whip up a Michelada with Mexican beer, orange juice, fresh lime and a dash of hot sauce, or make a simple shandy by mixing beer with lemonade or ginger ale. Our go-to beer cocktail is Brewsky Sangria, which is made with pear puree, lemon juice, triple sec and beer. Stir in sliced pears (or any other fresh fruit) for a refreshing shandy-sangria hybrid. Whether you're a beer expert or need an easy drink recipe, find your perfect beer cocktail at Food & Wine.

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Upgrade Your Micheladas This Weekend
Around the country, bartenders are putting their own spin on the classic Mexican beer cocktail, and we've got recipes.
Michelada Gingembre
Damian Windsor's favorite low-alcohol cocktail had been the Shandygaff (citrus soda mixed with lager) until he created a version with fresh ginger juice and a hoppy IPA; it was delicious. Adding a dash of hot sauce made the drink even better.