By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 23, 2015

We’ve already seen what bartenders hate about their customers. We’ve already seen what bartenders hate about other bartenders. What else is there for bartenders to talk about? Shitty pickup lines, of course.

Bartending and hearing bad pickup lines go hand-in-hand – whether they’re directed at you as a barkeep, or you’re lucky enough to overhear them while doing your job.

Alas, however, towards the end of the video, bartenders lament that, thanks to the Internet, the glorious days of the crazy pickup line are beginning to wane. Everyone’s already dropped their worst attempts through digital communication. Though maybe that just opens up new opportunities. Next time you’re trying to make conversation with a hottie at the bar, just ask them, “So, do you come here to stare at your phone often?”