Credit: Courtesy of Cutty Sark

Doing a job right requires the right tools—including the right footwear. Nurses have nursing shoes. Roofers have roofing boots. Lazy people have slippers. So why shouldn’t bartenders have proper gear for their feet?

Generic Surplus thinks they should. The Los Angeles designer has teamed up with Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition whisky to create a shoe designed specifically with barkeeps in mind.

After pulling feedback from some well-known drink slingers around the country, Generic Surplus homed in on the most important attributes a shoe needs to help dole out whiskey sours to the masses. “The shoe is super-cushioned to mitigate the effects of being on your feet all night, and black so it doesn’t stain,” reports First We Feast. “It’s also equipped with water-resistant leather that wipes clean and can handle spillage, as well as a nonslip sole so you don’t stack it every time you step on a lime twist.”

Generic Surplus’s website claims that nonslip sole also works on skateboards or rooftops, creating a number of crossover possibilities for the shoe. Either that, or I’ve missed some odd bars.

The kicks clock in at $150—which, depending on where you bartend, is either half a shift or 15 shifts.

The Cutty Sark Hi-Top is the latest in a trend toward culinary footwear: Last month, Vans teamed up with chef Tyler Kord to create shoes specifically designed for the kitchen. How far can we be from Adidas making a David Chang–sponsored shoe that in a pinch can double as a ramen bowl?