Great recipes for the green fairy.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017

Herbal, anise-y and rumored to have hallucinogenic effects if you drink enough of it, absinthe isn’t for everyone. But if you like that black licorice flavor (or are willing to put up with it in hopes of a heady high), then March 5 is the day for you—it’s National Absinthe Day. Here, the best cocktails to toast the green fairy.

1. Lady Liberty
Floral and fruity, this elegant cocktail blends absinthe with dry white wine, vermouth, grapefruit juice and orange flower water.

2. Absinthe Colada
The perfect poolside cocktail for a true cocktailian.

3. Wonderlust
This cocktail is a tribute to cocktail ingredients that were ubiquitous a century ago like absinthe, genever and crème de violette.

4. Absinthe Julep
Absinthe replaces bourbon in this take on a mint julep.

5. Wormwood Candy
A dash of absinthe makes this cocktail extra food-friendly.

© Tina Rupp

6. Foghorn Cocktail
Absinthe gives this cocktail an opalescence reminiscent of San Francisco’s signature fog.

7. Il Santo
This nicely dry nightcap combines two kinds of vermouth with a touch of absinthe.

© Lucas Allen

8. Absinthe Suisse (above)
Here’s the perfect creamy, frothy nightcap.

9. Lady Marmalade
"I created Lady Marmalade to get people out of their safe zone," says bartender Tyler Stevens. "The sweet ingredients like grenadine and ginger liqueur are balanced by the absinthe rinse to create a crisp, aromatic drink."

© Lucas Allen

10. Honeysuckle with Absinthe
This updated version of a little-known classic cocktail can me made with just four ingredients.

11. Pour Ma Gueule
This cocktail was modeled to mirror the flavors of Sancerre. It’s flinty, citrusy and delicious.

© Lucas Allen