This infamous French liquor was the drink of choice for icons like Hemingway and Picasso—it has flavors of anise and fennel, and is highly alcoholic. We prefer to drink our absinthe in a crafted cocktail, but it can be used to add a subtle anise flavor to sauces and desserts, like these simple puddings. Absinthe is definitely an acquired taste, but we're pretty sure we have a cocktail recipe for everyone. The Lady Liberty combines absinthe with dry white wine, vermouth, grapefruit juice and orange flower water into a lovely pale pink drink. Absinthe also mixes well with rum, vermouth and gin, as well as fruity elements like blackberries, orange peel, and grenadine. Dust off your cocktail shaker and try a new drink from F&W's guide to absinthe—maybe you'll see the green fairy.