Drink responsibly and seasonally.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 25, 2017
Lemon & Basil Martini
Credit: © Wendell T. Webber

Winter months are prime time for juicy oranges, sweet clementines, tart grapefruit and bright citrus flavors. While you can cook and bake some incredible dishes with citrus, we encourage you to drink your vitamin C this winter.

Here, nine bright citrus cocktails to get you through the long winter months.

1. Blood Orange Margaritas

Blood Orange Margaritas

Margaritas are appropriate for any celebration – or just an average night. Blood oranges give this classic tequila cocktail a sweet-tart twist.

2. My Clementine

My Clementine

The perfect cocktail for brunch, this concoction is bubbly and light.

3. Citrus-Cinnamon Punch

Citrus Cinnamon Punch

Share the wealth and make this punch at your next party. Citrus and cinnamon make for a comforting and wintery experience.

4. Figgy-Orange Cocktail

Figgy-Orange Cocktail
Credit: © Johnny Valiant

Forget the pudding! This is how you’ll want your figs this season.

5. The Big Texan Bourbon-and-Grapefruit Cocktail

The Big Texan Bourbon-and-Grapefruit Cocktail
Credit: © Jody Horton

Bourbon lovers can get their citrus fix with this Texas-inspired drink.

6. White Grapefruit and Star Anise Granita

White Grapefruit and Star Anise Granita

This mocktail is icy and refreshing.

7. Blood Orange-Rosemary Fizz

Blood Orange-Rosemary Fizz

Citrus and rosemary are a delicious pair in this bold aperitif.

8. Grilled-Citrus Margarita

Grilling with Live Fire: Grilling Citrus
Credit: Photo © Daniel Krieger

There is no reason you can’t grill in the winter. Throw your limes and lemons on your grill top and enjoy a smoky margarita.

9. Lemon & Basil Martini

Lemon & Basil Martini
Credit: © Wendell T. Webber

Limoncello and lemon juice give this herbacious martini a double citrus punch.