Scotch and haggis lovers should rejoice because this Sunday is Burns Night.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

Scotch and haggis lovers should rejoice because this Sunday is Burns Night. The Scottish holiday celebrates the life of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet, with bagpiping, poetry recitations, haggis and, of course, lots of whisky. If you want to host your own Burns Night feast, look over F&W’s guide. Or, if you’d rather just enjoy the drinking portion of the evening, make one of these delicious Scotch cocktails.

1. Ortensia
This wintry take on a Negroni is made with Scotch whisky instead of gin.

2. Cameron’s Cooler
This punch is bold and refreshing but stays true to Scotch’s roots.

3. Monaco Friar
Simple to make but complexly flavored, this cocktail is made with just Scotch, Angostura bitters and Bénédictine, a brandy-based herbal liqueur.

4. Smoky Apple
Not to be confused with the candy-sweet apple martini, this cocktail combines rich blended Scotch with apple schnapps and Angostura bitters.

5. Blood & Sand
This classic cocktail is fruity and only faintly smoky—an approachable drink for people who aren’t sure they like Scotch.

6. Isle of Islay Swizzle
Named for one of Scotland’s famed Scotch-producing islands, this tropical drink mixes the whisky with passion fruit juice and coconut liqueur.

7. Auld Alliance
Herbal, smoky and strong, this is a great after-dinner drink.

8. Boss Tweed
This hearty combination of rum, brandy, Scotch and bitters is named for William Tweed, an infamous corrupt 19th-century New York City politician.