Creamy, tropical and usually topped with a fun paper umbrella, piña coladas are essential summer drinking.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
© David Malosh

Celebrate National Piña Colada Day with these eight fantastic piña colada-inspired cocktails.

1. Rio Tropical

This smooth, rich mocktail is made with refreshing coconut water, pineapple gum syrup, nutty Orgeat and fresh lime juice.

2. Fahrenheit 5

Spritzy and fruity, this vibrant cocktail gets its beautiful pink hue from cranberry juice.

3. Passion Colada

This hybrid cocktail combines the mojito and the piña colada.

4. Earl of the Caribbean

Ultra indulgent, this peach-flavor mocktail is shaken with a chunk of butter for an extra-creamy texture.

5. PDT/Crif Frozen Piña Colada

© David Malosh

Mixologist Jeff Bell (of Manhattan's PDT) freezes coconut water and a mix of fruit juices, then blends them with rum to make a terrific, superfresh version of the classic cocktail.

6. Tiger’s Milk

This low-proof cocktail is perfect for day drinking.

7. Isle of Islay Swizzle


Smoky single-malt Scotches are almost never used in tropical drinks, but mixology master Julie Reiner was sure that one would taste great with passion fruit juice. She was right.

8. Coconut-Pineapple Batida

This rich and tangy Latin shake can be made with rum or without.