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Ti' Punch
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Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this Guadeloupean cocktail from scholar and cookbook author Jessica B. Harris — it packs a ton of flavor due to its use of white rhum agricole. Unlike most rums, which are made from fermented molasses or sugarcane byproducts, rhum agrciole is made from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, which gives it wild, vegetal, grassy flavors and aromas entirely unlike other rums. (Rhum is the French spelling of "rum.") "This is a classical drink of the Creole world," Harris wrote of Ti' Punch in her 2013 book, Rum Drinks: 50 Caribbean Cocktails, from Cuba Libre to Rum Daisy. "It is, in fact, a French Antillian cousin of Brazil's caipirinha. In some parts of the French-Caribbean, it's called a C.R.S for its three ingredients: citron (lime), rhum (no translation necessary!) and sucre (sugar)." Harris prefers unrefined cane sugar for the molasses note it brings to the drink, which complement the more verdant cane sugar-notes from the rhum agricole. Serving Ti' Punch at room temperature as is traditional opens up the aromatic, herbal notes in the rum. If you prefer, you can serve it chilled for a smoother drink; just be sure to dissolve the sugar before adding the ice. Harris likes to serve this potent cocktail with hors d'oeuvres to kick off her dinner parties; try pairing it with her Bacon-Wrapped Watermelon Rind Pickles for a treat.

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