Cocktails & Spirits

Mango-Hibiscus Cooler

Let guests choose their own adventure with this make-ahead mixer flavored with sweet mango nectar and sour-tart hibiscus syrup. It’s equally delicious on the rocks with sparkling water, topped with bubbly Cava, or stirred together with tequila for a cocktail.
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There's Never Been a Better Time to Start Infusing Vodka

Just pour vodka over your ingredient of choice, let it steep overnight, and you’ll have a cocktail base to last all week.
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Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson Tastes Tequila with His Favorite Foods

The Rock and executive wine editor Ray Isle talk tequila, food, and family—and do a little arm wrestling.
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This Secret Ingredient Makes the Best Winter Cocktails

Allspice Dram is an underrated powerhouse liqueur.