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Diving Deep into Mezcal, Sip by Sip

With its roots in culture and craftsmanship, mezcal is one of the most complex and varied spirits in the world.

10 Great Mezcals to Seek Out

These top-notch bottles are terrific in cocktails, and worthy of straight sipping, too.


This homemade limoncello boasts rich lemon flavor without being too boozy or sweet. Look for unwaxed organic lemons, or be sure to give the whole citrus a good scrub before peeling. Juice leftover peeled lemons, and freeze juice up to 3 months.

Boxed Cocktails Are the New Boxed Wine

The St. Agrestis bag-in-a-box Negroni is the perfect large-format summertime cocktail.

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The Cocktail I Come Back to Every Summer

La Paloma is a relentlessly refreshing Mexican tequila cocktail that’s perfect for bringing out to the patio. Or the fire escape. Or just a wide-open window.