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Pomegranate Margarita
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson loves a good margarita, especially when it's made with his Teremana tequila (which he calls a "Manarita"). This sweet-and-sour version has a tart kick from the pomegranate juice and a vibrant red color.
White Gold
This sweet and sour soju cocktail from Kim Kyungmoon brings to mind the tart creaminess of a gin fizz but brings the punchier, grain-forward notes of Golden Barley 40% soju in place of floral gin. The frothy egg white cuts through those brightly boozy and acidic flavors to balance each sip. Soju, a Korean spirit made by distilling rice wine, is enjoying a renaissance in Korea; Kyungmoon imports it and sells it though his online shop, Woorisoul.
Forever Young
Inspired by the classic Adonis cocktail of sherry and vermouth, this stiff drink from Kim Kyungmoon balances earthy, fermented Chungju with amaro. Chungju, a Korean alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, and Amaro Nonino both offer a pleasantly musky, nutty flavor, while vermouth shines through with a burst of sweetness. For a source for artisanal Chungju from Korea's oldest brewery, visit Woorisoul.
Eva Longoria Has Something to Say About 'Celebrity-Forward' Tequila Brands
The actress, who just launched Casa del Sol tequila, is joined by women who come from generations of tequila-making in Mexico.
Birria Maria
Chef Claudette Zepeda mixes some of the flavorful broth left over from making her popular Birria with citrus juices, tequila, and beer for a cocktail that is both delicious and thirst-quenching. Think of it as a new version of a Michelada. Zepeda encourages you to make it your own—adding more or less of each ingredient to find your happy place. Be sure to remove all of the fat from the top of the Birria broth before adding it to the cocktail shaker to prevent it from forming a layer on the top of the cocktail.

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