I Tried One of Oprah’s Favorite Latte Brands, and Now I Understand the Hype

Yes, it tastes amazing.

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Oprah Winfrey; Clevr Sleeptime SuperLatte

JC Olivera / Getty Images; Courtesy of Clevr Blends

I’ll probably never replace my morning French press. Maybe it’s because I live in Maine, and there’s nothing quite like a warm cup in my hands on cool mornings (which is most mornings, even in summer), but I also just enjoy the taste of rich, dark roast coffee. As I approach 40, I’m at the point where I don’t want a latte for the caffeine fix, or a glass of wine for a buzz, or an herbal tea to ease an ailment. I want to savor each sip of whatever it is I’m consuming. 

So, when I had the opportunity to sample Clevr, the plant-based, superfood latte brand that made back-to-back appearances on Oprah’s Favorite Things List in 2021 and 2022, I was skeptical that a powdered beverage would be something I’d relish. My experience with drinks like protein shakes or other powder-based beverages has rarely been a positive experience, but I kept an open mind — and it was worth it. And right now, you can save 20% with our exclusive code CLEVR20.

Sleeptime SuperLatte


To buy: Sleeptime SuperLatte, $22 with code CLEVR20 (originally $28) at clevrblends.com

Since recently transitioning to a full-time job, I’ve been more mindful of my nighttime habits so I can wake up feeling refreshed. With that in mind, I tried Clevr’s Sleeptime SuperLatte first, which promotes sleep and tastes like a “toasted cappuccino,” according to the brand. I added a scoop of the powder to hot water and put my barista skills to the test with a frother, and my beverage was ready in a jiff. 

I first noticed the vibrant oat flavor with a touch of smooth nuttiness. To my surprise, there was no chalk texture or grittiness, just a velvety finish which was likely thanks to the coconut cream. The vanilla bean flavor also came in subtly. In fact, what I really like about this latte is that no flavor steals the show. The blend is an impressive combination of earthy and sweet.

Coffee SuperLatte


To buy: Coffee SuperLatte, $22 with code CLEVR20 (originally $28) at clevrblends.com

When afternoon hit the next day, I opted to test the coffee flavor, which includes 50 milligrams of caffeine. Again, it’s not so much about the pick-me-up as it is adding some flavor in between all those glasses of water. Instantly, I taste the coffee. Real, bold coffee, not just the essence. The coconut creamer is more present in this latte, giving a buttery finish.

Golden SuperLatte


To buy: Golden SuperLatte, $22 with code CLEVR20 (originally $28) at clevrblends.com

To close out my testing, I made a cup of the Golden SuperLatte. As a big turmeric fan but not someone who could get on the golden milk train, I would’ve had low expectations had I not loved the first two lattes I sampled. To my surprise, the Golden is actually my favorite latte flavor so far. The ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper spice combo is pleasantly warming and provides a tingly delight with each sip.

The final verdict? I get the hype, and plan to add the shopper-loved Chai SuperLatte to my own shopping list.

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Chai SuperLatte


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Matcha SuperLatte


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Mocha SuperLatte


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Rose Cocoa SuperLatte


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