15 Clever Food-Saving Kitchen Finds Guaranteed to Keep Produce Fresh for Days and Days

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Stocking your refrigerator with spring fruits and vegetables is a home cook’s favorite pastime. While seasonal produce makes dishes look and taste vibrant, some recipes don't require that entire cabbage head or a full carton of strawberries. That’s where storage containers, bags, and gadgets come in — and these clever options that start at $9 are a must. 

You’ve heard of hacks to prevent leftover foods from spoiling, but chances are those methods require additional items. Think: paper towels, aluminum foil, lemon juices, vinegar, plastic bags, etc — all of which can be used just once. 

These top-rated food saving finds can be used year after year and are proven to truly work. Yep, these picks found within Amazon’s Kitchen Storage section have either been tested by editors or are loved by thousands of shoppers who swear these items keep foods fresher, for longer.

Clever Kitchen Food Saver Finds:

Arguably one of the most finicky foods to keep fresh are avocados. They take forever to ripen, and when they do, they go bad in a second, especially if it’s a halved leftover. Don’t douse your avocado with lemon juice, instead, go with these Food Huggers. They’re made with flexible silicone and are shaped like the fruit, making it easy to snap on the fruit without cutting into the flesh. It also has a lipped rim that scoots over the avocado’s edge, giving it a good hold to prevent oxygen from getting in and turning it brown. After several days of testing, I personally found the Food Huggers made an avocado hold up better than just storing it in plastic wrap. 

Food Huggers Avocado Huggers 2pc Silicone Reusable Avocado Savers with Pit Storage


To buy: Food Huggers Avocado Huggers Set, $14 at amazon.com 

Not into avocados? There are also Food Huggers for other fruits and vegetables, like this five-piece set. The silicone lids come in multiple sizes, accommodating large produce like onions and bell peppers as well as small-mouthed containers like jelly jars or halved limes. These Food Huggers are extremely convenient, especially for home cooks like myself, cooking and meal-prepping for one. 

Food Huggers 5pc Reusable Silicone Food Savers


To buy: Food Huggers Food Savers Set, $17 at amazon.com

If you love to cook with fresh herbs, but hate how quickly they turn bad you’ve got to consider this next pick. The popular Herb Saver acts as a reservoir that keeps herbs like parsley, mint, and cilantro alive for days. One person who stored dill in this for over a week even wrote, “It’s just as fresh as when I put it in.” There’s a little tube at the back of this device which allows you to fill it with water every few days. And when you’re done, pop it into the dishwasher for a pain-free clean. 

Prepara Herb Saver


To buy: Herb Saver Refillable Reservoir, $13 (originally $16) at amazon.com

And for all of those leftover dinners, you’ll need a storage container. Air-tight containers, like this set from Snapware, are the best options across the board because they prevent oxygen from getting in and spoiling everything. The lids suction onto the rim of the container and seals itself via the tabs on the sides. The glass base prevents food stains and odors from sticking around, too. Plus, I love that I can microwave my meal straight from the container.  

Snapware Total Solution 4-Pc Glass Food Storage Containers


To buy: Snapware Glass Food Storage Container Set, $13 at amazon.com 

There are so many other clever kitchen food saver finds hiding on Amazon. Browse the rest of the list below for more picks at a great price. 

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver


To buy: Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Storage Container Set, $27 (originally $34) at amazon.com

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag


To buy: Stasher Silicone Storage Bag Starter Kit Bundle, $43 (originally $55) at amazon.com

CapaBunga Cheese Vault with Divider


To buy: CapaBunga Cheese Vault with Divider, $35 (originally $40) at amazon.com

mempedont 2PACK Mini Bag Sealer


To buy: Mempedont Mini Bag Sealer Pack, $15 with coupon (originally $19) at amazon.com

Souper Cubes 1-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezing Tray With Lid


To buy: Souper Cubes 1-Cup Silicone Freezing Tray Pack, $37 at amazon.com

FoodSaver Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine


To buy: FoodSaver Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine, $70 (originally $95) at amazon.com

W&P Porter Seal Tight Glass Lunch Bowl Container


To buy: W&P Porter Seal Tight Glass Bowl, $30 at amazon.com



To buy: The FreshGlow Co. FreshPaper Produce Saver Sheets, $9 (originally $17) at amazon.com

Honey-Can-Do Zevro Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser


To buy: Honey-Can-Do Zevro Dry Food Dispenser, $29 (originally $50) at amazon.com

Butter Bell The Original Butter Bell crock by L Tremain


To buy: Butter Bell Cafe Retro Butter Bell Crock, $28 at amazon.com 

Ginissey Set Of 7 Fridge Organizer Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins


To buy: Ginissey Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins Set, $27 (originally $41) at amazon.com

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