Chipotle Hiring 15,000 New Employees for 'Burrito Season'

The jobs are available across the country.

A good burrito can be eaten in any season. But, according to Chipotle, “burrito season” is coming, and it’s trying to prepare.

In a press release, the fast-food company says it anticipates spikes in food orders that it believes will last from March through May. So, it’s staffing up to fulfill requests for everything from steamy burritos or the famous TikTok-trend-turned-menu-item quesadillas, with 15,000 new jobs available. The expansion, Chipotle said, is happening across North America in some 7,000 locations. The burrito-obsessed company added, it is committed to strengthening the foundations of its employee experience. 

According to Chipotle, the campaign not only serves as a way to recruit new hires but also as a way for it to highlight its current employees through documentary-style commercials featuring an inside look at their work environment. 

A employee sprinkles cheese on a burrito at a Chipotle Mexican Grill

Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Nakeysha Clark, one of the managers featured in the campaign, shared in a statement, "Working at Chipotle over the past nine years and learning from its restaurant leaders has changed my life." 

This commitment to hiring more employees comes only months after the company shut down one of its stores that voted to form the chain's first union. The labor movement evolved from a Chipotle based in Augusta, Maine advocating for safe and adequate staffing at their store. The unionizing employees had a hearing scheduled with the National Labor Relations Board. On the same day, they received news that their store would be permanently closing. 

As the chain ramps up hiring efforts, it said it intends to promote its benefits as a main draw. For example, the company said retention rates are two times higher for employees involved in its education assistance program. However, Stephanie Hall, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank, told Fortune, "I do think they are providing these programs to skirt around the issue of just paying people more, giving people more certainty, improving their quality of life." 

Chipotle, however, is insistent on proving that it has invested in enhanced development opportunities to grow its talent. In the press release, Scott Boatwright, chief restaurant officer of Chipotle, said, "Our goal is to develop and retain diverse talent at every level of the organization and be the employer of choice."

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