Why Dominique Ansel is NYC’s leading Romaker (that’s a Romeo-baker hybrid).

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 23, 2017

This slushy, icy Valentine’s Day morning, Cronut creator and all-around dessert genius Dominique Ansel surprised the men and women waiting in line for his signature hybrid pastry with roses. This further proves what we’ve been thinking for a while now: that Ansel would be a total dream date. Here, a few more reasons why Ansel is NYC’s leading Romaker (that’s a Romeo-baker hybrid).

He keeps things exciting. Ansel changes the flavor of his Cronuts every month. This month it’s raspberry lychee.

He’s complex. Even though he is known for his sugary creations, Ansel isn’t really a fan of sweets.

He’s not afraid to try new things. Ansel had never heard of granola before his American sous-chef, Anna McGorman, began making her family’s recipe for the bakery. He quickly caught on and helped perfect the recipe [https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/annas-granola].

He’s a DIY kind of guy. Some men take pride in carpentering their own houses or brewing their own beer; Ansel makes his own marshmallows. Who needs a house when you have marshmallows?

He’s French. Just like all of history’s greatest lovers.

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