My excellent colleague Ratha Tep blogged yesterday about Food & Wine Best New Chefs on the move, including Fabio Trabocchi (BNC 2002), who is at this moment setting up shop at Fiamma in Manhattan. Trabocchi has now landed in an interesting game of musical chairs in Italian restaurants in and around New York City. Former Fiamma chef Michael White (who I love) has moved on to the midtown kitchens of L'Impero and Alto. Scott Conant, the previous chef of L'Impero and Alto (and another BNC 2004), took himself out to the Hamptons to consult on the menu at Tutto Il Giorno (smart move; who doesn't want to summer in the Hamptons?). But summer's almost over and now, it seems, Conant has a new gig—rumor has it he'll be consulting on the menu at Philadelphia's Striped Bass. For anyone who's forgotten, the former Striped Bass consulting chef was Paul Liebrandt after he'd left Gilt in Manhattan. His replacement was Christopher Lee, who (besides being a BNC 2007) was the former chef at Striped Bass. But this is all getting too confusing so I'll end the game here.