The topic of discussion at Rialto's 5th Annual Women's Luncheon: Where are all the women chefs?

By Alex Vallis
Updated May 23, 2017

On Wednesday, we teamed up with Boston magazine's Leah Mennies to live-tweet Rialto's 5th Annual Women's Luncheon hosted by chef Jody Williams. The topic of discussion? Where are all the women chefs? The question was also driven home this week by Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton, in a two-part series that both celebrated how some of the best tasting menus in the country are masterminded by women and called out chef-empire builders who don't have females in top kitchen positions.

At Rialto, panelists including chef Traci des Jardins and Food & Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin discussed the obstacles, which may include everything from distaste for the narcissism associated with social media to fear of doing the extreme projects that get chefs noticed by press. Read Mennies's full recap here and go to Twitter to tell us what you think can be done to support #womeninwhite.