Some things are best left unblogged. But here are a few observations after a night out in Manhattan that started at David Chang's unofficially 6-day-old, 14-seat restaurant Ko and ended at the even newer dive bar, the Rusty Knot, from the folks who brought you the Spotted Pig.

*The Spotted Pig’s Ken Friedman might be the only person in the world who has a standing reservation/stool at Ko.

*Since by all accounts no one else—not Alice Waters or Frank Bruni or Mayor Bloomberg—will be able to get in to Ko without booking through an about-to-launch section on, Ko might just be the most democratic restaurant in town. And everyone in New York City should take advantage of that.

*After almost single-handedly getting the city addicted to pork, David Chang is about to start concentrating on another ingredient(s).

*Even if he’s super hung over from celebrating wd-50’s three-star review in the New York Times with his friend Wylie Dufresne, Chang looks, and cooks, just fine.

*If LeBron James spent his spare time (when he wasn't scoring 50 points) talking to Jay-Z courtside at the Knicks-Cavaliers basketball game last night, it makes all kinds of sense for them to meet up at the Rusty Knot afterwards. (I can only assume that in the big photo in the sports section of today's Times, LeBron is asking Jay for an invite.)

*If you’re ignorant enough not to recognize one of the managers of U2 and ask him what he does, he’ll tell you he's in "the music business.” (In fact, 90 percent of the Rusty Nail crowd was in "the music business.”)

*If Lindsay Lohan had dinner at the Spotted Pig, doesn’t it make sense for her to come to the Rusty Knot afterwards? (The answer—sometimes.)

*When he plays pool, Jay-Z can pretty much run the table.