There's a better way to cook steak for a crowd.

By ChefSteps Team
Updated May 26, 2017

We've partnered with the mad food scientists at ChefSteps to bring their hyper-inventive cooking videos to F&W readers.

Let’s say you’re cooking dinner for four, and you’ve decided to serve steak. Solid pick, Chef. Steak is awesome. Oh, but now here you are, frantically searing all those steaks at once—trying to remember which one you flipped when, cursing like a sailor because this one’s about to burn while this other one barely has a base tan. Then again, you could always sear them one at a time—if you want to worry about one steak getting cold, or serving people one by one while the other hungry people watch them eat, or missing out on a whole bottle of wine that your guests are so totally going to drink while you sweat it out at the stove.

Fear not, high-end beef fans. We’ve got a better way. Just buy one big ole hunk of meat to feed the entire carnivorous crew. There’s a bunch of advantages to this. For one thing, you can select the best-looking cut from your butcher—so you’ll know everyone is getting an equally amazing piece. You’ll waste less, too, because you can customize portions—just give people as much as they want. And when you cook it sous vide, like we do, you’ll also know it’s done exactly the way you want it. Then it’s just a matter of searing the surface—pretty easy when you’re only doing one—slicing it up, and dividing amongst your guests. A simple concept, for sure. But it’s greatly improved our steak-cooking experience, so we wanted to share it with you. Now go forth and cook some perfect meat.

What You'll Need:
A huge piece of meat
Some friends with whom to share it.

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