Stopped off at Tasca Taperia. New, in the Village, will be nice in the summer when they've got outdoor seating and the wall of windows that fronts it (on 7th Ave @ 10th St.) is open to the world going by. Even now it's a pleasure, too—the wine list still a work in progress (30 wines, though the GM/sommelier says within two weeks they'll have 120; all Spanish), but the prices are fair. A dry, crisp Marques de Gelida Cava tasted awfully darn good with exec. chef Craig Wilson's creamy celery root soup (the morcilla raviolini in the soup a bit chewy, but I'd be chewy, too, if someone named Craig boiled me in celery root soup), and the novelty of a Spanish Pinot Noir, from Torres, was fun. A touch of bitter wood on the finish keeps it from being a terrific wine, but it's far better than you'd expect Spanish Pinot to be.

Tasca Taperia, 137 7th Ave, NYC; 212-620-6815. No website yet that I've found.