Maria Helm Sinskey

Maria Helm SinskeyMy awesome friend Maria Helm Sinskey (an F&W Best New Chef 1996, back in the day) was on CBS’s Early Show this morning, demonstrating to the world how easy it is to make gorgeous fluffy pancakes for your mom for Mother's Day. Among her observations: Anchor Harry Smith is expert at cooking pancakes (he makes them frequently on the weekends—with mini chocolate chips) and ate any number of Maria's freshly made ones during station breaks. The CBS green room (unlike some other green rooms) has some pretty great food, including fresh hard-boiled eggs, beautiful—and ripe!—fruit and a really nice cheese plate. Even if the power strips blows a fuse about five minutes before you go on air, there is someone there to get you a new one and make sure your griddle is hot enough when the cameras start rolling. And Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, who just finished his [bike] Ride Across America Tour to benefit MS looked pretty great considering how far he'd ridden and the fact that he had to be briefly hospitalized for dehydration; in CBS's green room, he also talked about times he was weak from lack of calories. "He should have just eaten my pancakes," says Maria. "That would have powered him for his ride."