What happens when you put six star chefs in the same kitchen? In the case of Seattle's Thierry Rautureau (Rover's), Maria Hines (Tilth), Joseba Jiménez de Jiménez (The Harvest Vine), Johnathan Sundstrom (Lark), Jason Wilson (Crush) and Holly Smith (Cafe Juanita), you get an ingenious musical-chairs-like dinner series called Seattle Chefs Table 2009. "The idea—six chefs and six courses at six restaurants—was born in the face of this horrible economy," says Rautureau, who hosted the first dinner a few weeks ago at Rover's, taking care of the hors d'oeuvres, while the other five chefs handled the remaining courses. This evening, the chefs are convening at Tilth, where the menu includes dishes like vanilla-scented lobster by Jiménez de Jiménez, handmade garganelli with uni by Sundstrom and almond financiers with Meyer lemon preserve by Hines. The dinner series ($90 per meal) have been such a hit that the chefs have just announced a second night of dinners. Here, the remaining dinners:

The Harvest Vine: April 13 (2701 E. Madison St.; 206-320-9771 or

Lark: May 19 (926 12th Ave.; 206-323-5275 or

Cafe Juanita: September 22 (9702 NE 120th Pl., Kirkland; 425-823-1505 or

Crush: October 19 (2319 E Madison St.; 206-302-7874 or

Undisclosed location: mid-November for a "Holiday Feast" celebrating six different holiday themes.

For those unable to make it to Seattle for one of the dinners, create your own with these superb recipes:

Hines's Salmon with Oyster Mushrooms and Peppers