Top Chef finalist Nina Compton on her dream restaurant.

In a shocking upset to #TeamNina fans, Miami chef Nina Compton did not win $125,000 last night. She triumphed in F&W's Fantasy Top Chef finals thanks to high marks throughout the season, but alas, that honor doesn't come with cash. Investors no doubt already noticed the outpouring of support on Twitter from her passionate followers. Soon, they'll probably be knocking down her door with opportunities ranging from big, shiny South Beach nightclub-like restaurants to gnocchi-only family spots with tchotchkes on the wall. Compton herself dreams of something much more intimate. She shared her ultimate fantasy project with F&W: "a small tasting menu restaurant where the menu changes every day," Compton says. "Something where a purveyor calls up and says, 'Listen, Nina, I've got this amazing sockeye salmon,' and then that goes on the menu."