L.A. chef/surfer-dude (and F&W Best New Chef 2003) David Myers was in New York last night to cook an edible preview of his upcoming modern brasserie, Comme Ça, which will open later this summer near Myers’s other two West Hollywood establishments: Sona, considered one of the city’s best food and wine destinations, and Boule, his jewel-box patisserie.

At Comme Ça, Myers will modernize brasserie classics like cassoulet and bouillabaisse, and offer a menu of more spontaneous daily specials (which you’ll read about in our July Well-Being column). The food Myers prepared last night was more Sona-esque, showing off his proficiency for bold, clean flavors with dishes like Tuna Ravioli, a transparent sheet of sashimi covering tender slices of octopus and Swiss chard, and sauced with a punchy curry vinaigrette. “I didn’t think you guys would want choucroute,” he explained.

“What else do you have in the works?” I asked Myers after dessert. He perked up: “Well, I’m going surfing in Japan. Then I want to go surf Indonesia, maybe Bali.” I was actually asking about plans for future restaurants, but I didn’t want to snake his wave.