For her blog, Seven Spoons, Tara O'Brady posts about cooking and her family. She is at work on a cookbook, tentatively titled Well Fed, and is a food columnist for UPPERCASE magazine. Read more »

Here, the blogs you should be reading right now with recipes and tips from their creators. Plus: Each subject's insider picks lead us to the next blogger of the week.

The Blog: Seven Spoons’ Ontario-based Tara O’Brady writes personal posts about cooking and her family, surrounding her text with gorgeous, minimalist photos.

The book you are writing now is about the dishes you make often. What classifies such a dish for you? What are some examples from your blog?
The book is about the recipes that have become traditions for me, my family and friends, or simply the ones we crave. Sometimes that's a roast chicken with Middle Eastern spices; or a skillet of poached eggs, wilted greens and bulgur; or lettuce wraps with sticky rice and spicy-sweet pork belly. Other times it might be my ideal chocolate chip cookie. I think it is a collection that reflects how many of us eat today, balancing decadent dishes with healthy ones.

Some examples from my site would be the short rib minestrone; it's based on a family recipe that was my mum's way of using up leftovers. There are days when all I can think of is a sugar bun with my coffee, and the day after that indulgence I'll make a huge, seedy and nutty kale salad. I could drink that dressing from a cup. And I am happiest when there's a jar of sesame-glazed oats in the pantry.

You have a lot of very pretty props. What are some of your favorite sources? Thank you! All of the pieces on my site are our everyday ones. I noticed on my Instagram the repeated use of the same bowl with the same spoon, because that's really my favorite bowl and my favorite spoon when I'm making myself lunch.

I'll confess I've always had a fondness for plates and crockery. I love a day spent at vintage shops and antiques markets, and I'll often bring home some small kitchen item, perhaps a pie plate or piece of cutlery, as a souvenir from trips.

I recently started collecting ceramics from Colleen Hennessy, purchased through More & Co. I'd intended to display them on a shelf in my dining room, but I'm forever taking them down come mealtime because they are a joy to use. My friend (and sometimes collaborator) Nikole Herriott is one of the talents behind the housewares brand Herriott Grace; most of the wood pieces I have are from her shop. It’s also dangerously easy to find beautiful things at Brook Farm General Store or Mjölk.

What are three of your favorite blogs right now?
This is always a tough question, like picking my favorite ice cream. Kelsey at Happyolks has a way of combining flavors that is inventive yet makes perfect sense, and Shaun’s images are warm and welcoming. What’s more, they seem like really lovely people. Remedial Eating for Molly’s clear, ringing sense of words and knack for finding exceptional recipes. Sara and Hugh at Sprouted Kitchen are always inspiring; their work is immediately recognizable, with its distinctive style and perspective.

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