Seattleites have been gossiping about cult pasta star Justin Neidermeyer's upcoming restaurant for some time now. Some confirmed facts:

When: After several years of roving dinners—at farms, lofts, and Matt Dillon's Sitka & Spruce on Sunday and Monday nights—Neidermeyer aims to open his first-ever restaurant in the second week of July.

Where: 1531 14th Ave. on Capitol Hill, with 30 seats at large communal tables, 10 seats at the bar and a wood-fired hearth.

: Piedmontese-inspired dishes like agnolotti del plin (stuffed "pinched" pasta), served family-style.

Name: Rumors that it'll be called Pancia Piena, as reported on various Seattle blogs, aren't true. The real name: Spinasse (a favorite Piedmontese hillside of Justin's).

Sneak Peek: For those who can't wait until the restaurant opens, Neidermeyer is throwing private dinners until July 7 (206-251-7673).