Say you're Ben Affleck. And you just did an especially good job hosting Saturday Night Live (complete with a hilarious impression of Keith Olbermann of MSNBC's Countdown). Here's where you'd go afterwards: Hill Country, the terrific Manhattan bbq spot. You'd bring your wife, the actress Jennifer Garner, a bunch of SNL cast members including Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg and producer Lorne Michaels. You'd also bring the night's musical guest David Cook (people might know him as the winner of American Idol) and his girlfriend, plus Little Steven from the E Street Band and the Sopranos, and just for fun, congressman Anthony Weiner. (And you'd understand, if, if, another SNL guest, John McCain and his wife Cindy had other things to do and didn't join you.) If you're B. Affleck, you and your wife would have dry-rubbed brisket and succulent pork ribs. If you're Little Steven, then you'd have chili-rubbed pit-smoked lamb chops. If you're Lorne, then you'd ask the pitmaster to make you some barbecued beef sandwiches that you can usually only get at lunch.

And you'd be happy that Hill Country could host the party at all, since you'd have heard they were packed all day with a capacity crowd who watched the most exciting college football game of the season: namely, the stunning upset of No. 1 ranked Texas by Texas Tech.