Rigatoni with Veal Bolognese and Butternut Squash
Credit: © Stephanie Meyer

I have been keeping recipes in a folder my whole life. At first they were handwritten; then in my professional days I kept them in a set of notebooks; and now, in the digital age, they are on my laptop. I have been pretty obsessive about this for about 40 years now. I wish I knew where I first got the recipe for this insanely cool veal and squash Bolognese. I do know I fell in love with this delicious combination on a trip to Bergamo, the hilltop city in Lombardy, just north of Milan. I was with my father on my first visit to Italy in 1974, and one night we stumbled into a small little trattoria after driving a considerable way south from Switzerland and we just couldn't keep going on to Milan without dinner. I had squash ravioli with a meaty, sage-spiked, creamy veal sauce that night as a pasta course. The combination of flavors, an Italian classic, began to sneak its way into Italian restaurants in the late '70s in New York. I remember a squash and veal risotto at La Colonna in the early 1980s that blew my mind, and by the late '80s I saw plenty of dishes pairing noodles and veal and squash. I love this one above all, which is low on tomato, providing just enough for acidic balance. I can't imagine this won't become an instant favorite for you. And yes, it freezes beautifully and makes enough sauce for four or five generous portions of pasta (1 pound dried before cooking). SEE RECIPE »