The Super-Long Sentence-Length Restaurant Naming Trend Happening Right Now

The latest naming trend is a mouthful.

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Photo: Courtesy of Go Get Em Tiger

Restaurant naming trends come and go: Remember when every new spot's title involved an animal (The Spotted Pig, Girl & the Goat, Ox)? Or an ampersand (Emmer & Rye, Cakes & Ale, Juniper & Ivy)?

Recently, we've noticed the rise of a more peculiar type of restaurant name: the complete sentence. We first saw this a few years ago at spots like Go Get 'Em Tiger and Leave Rochelle Out Of It, and now lengthily-titled restaurants are popping up all over the place. Can you just try saying "I'm having drinks at Leave Rochelle Out Of It with my sister on Saturday" in one breath? And perhaps that's just the point. The more words you can force people to awkwardly say, the more memorable your restaurant might be. Here, a sampling of restaurants testing out this tongue-twister of a trend.

Go Get 'Em Tiger, Los Angeles (2013)

Leave Rochelle Out Of It, New York City (2013)

Baby's All Right, Brooklyn (2013)

The Whale Wins, Seattle (2013)

Eat Me, Speak Me, Atlanta (2013)

Her Name Is Han, New York City (2015)

Here's Looking At You, Los Angeles (2016)

Excuse My French, New York City (2016)

My Name Is Joe, Austin (2017)

Carthage Must Be Destroyed, Brooklyn (2017)

And some phrase-like restaurant names that are equally awkward to say:

Boot & Shoe Service, Oakland (2010)

Jack's Wife Freda, New York City (2012)

Mongoose Versus Cobra, Houston (2012)

Friday Saturday Sunday, Philadelphia (2016)

Sunday in Brooklyn, Brooklyn (2016)

While We Were Young, New York City (2017)

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