We’re moving on, people: Last month we featured restaurant wine bars, but if I have my druthers, the next trend will be restaurant wine clubs. We just need more restaurants like Luke Mangan's South Food + Wine Bar in San Francisco, brave enough to tackle labyrinthian wine-shipping laws. But what a cool idea: South's club has two tiers: the $69 South Splurge and the $39 Steal; for each subscribers receive two bottles of Mangan's favorite southern-hemisphere wines, along with tasting notes and a recipe for a suggested pairing. It would be nice if South also sent someone to make the recipe, but you can’t have everything. If you sign up now, you might still get the May shipment, called Russell’s Reds—which a press release describes as “A nod to Aussie’s favorite bad-boy actor, featuring superbly crafted wines that pack a punch (hotel phone not included).”