Matt and Kate Jennings were just starting construction on the space adjacent to their fantastic restaurant and cheese shop, La Laiterie, when I stopped in for dinner last week. The new space will allow them to add a cheese cave and a cheese bar to their burgeoning neighborhood empire. (An even more important expansion happens in September when another Virgo, hopefully not an uptight, fussy one, joins the Jennings clan. Congratulations!) La Laiterie is the perfect neighborhood place, where the owners not only know customers’ names but the names of all of their local purveyors as well. I particularly loved the seared, all-natural chicken livers—sourced from Misty Knoll Farm in Vermont and Casey Farm in Rhode Island—in a pan sauce with house-made bacon lardons served with giant beer-battered onion rings, and the grilled banana bread—perfectly crunchy on the outside but still moist on the inside—topped with maple walnut ice cream. Eating there reminded me just how far Providence has come in the last few years while maintaining its historical charm, and I actually found myself thinking ‘I could live here.’ I’m not ready to make the jump yet, though La Laiterie does make it more enticing. In the meantime, I can at least vote to add Providence to the list of America’s Favorite Cities at sister publication Travel & Leisure. Cast your ballots now!