At Food & Wine, we’ve been forever astonished at the creativity of Graham Elliot Bowles (or at least, we've been amazed by him since 2004, when we named him a Best New Chef). Now comes word that the awesome Chicago chef is expanding from his namesake restaurant, Graham Elliot, and opening a new place this spring. Grahamwich, as the name suggests, will focus on hot and cold sandwiches like braised pork belly and hoisin mayo on a Hawaiian roll; for dessert, grilled peaches with almond streusel on Wonder bread. Homemade soda flavors will include orange-cardamom and galangal-ginger ale; the seasonally focused soft serve ice creams will have toppings like Pop Rocks and dehydrated berries. There’s no delivery just yet (there isn't even a concrete opening date for the place), but GEB has the genius idea to deploy bicycle messengers armed with fresh-made Grahamwiches to key locations (think Wrigley Field after a Cubs game; Grant Park after Lollapalooza). Could this be the eco version of truck food?