Halloween is my all-time favorite day of the year—not so much for the dressing up part as for the profusion of mini candy bars. But this year, I'm planning beyond Halloween (and not even because of all the half-priced candy sales). I'm looking ahead because by next week, über confectioner Jacques Torres will have opened the doors of his sparkling new chocolate store at 285 Amsterdam Avenue on Manhattan's Upper West Side (212-414-2462). (Torres is rumored to have a team of chocolatier/carpenter friends in town from France who could open the store in a matter of minutes.) The place will reportedly combine the Old World charm of Torres's original Brooklyn location with the genius hot chocolate bar from his West Village spot. It will also, eventually, feature something new. Torres has already started making ice cream, which he uses to fill yummy ice cream sandwiches, but he's planning to launch a premium chocolate ice cream line at the new store in the near future.