I didn’t attend what was—by all accounts—the penultimate pre-inauguration party, thrown by NY Times uber-columnist Maureen Dowd for David Geffen. (I have no doubt what the result would have been if I tried to go—among those who didn’t make it in were Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen. According to the Daily News, Hanks was a remarkably good sport about it: “She’s stopped giving out free hot dogs, people!” he said, as he waited outside. “Go back!”)

So here’s what Hanks and the Boss and I missed. A packed, packed, packed party with bars upstairs and downstairs and cases upon cases of Champagne, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. (And lots of martinis: The NY Post reported that when ABC's George Stephanopoulos knocked over a tray, it only energized the party). A tented "smoking room" outside, anchored by a life-size cutout of Obama holding a pack of Marlboro Lights (it was set near Dowd's amazing mermaid mountain). Terrific pigs in blankets made by the Times’s key TV critic Alessandra Stanley, which went the fastest. Lots of shrimp cocktail, lots of little ham sandwiches, bowls of tortilla chips (blue corn) with salsa. And for dessert, platters of red-velvet cupcakes. They came from Dowd’s favorite place, Georgetown Cupcake, and they were, apparently, divine—reason enough for me to wish I was at the party.