For her blog Naturally Ella, Erin Alderson writes about vegetarian foods; she also helps aspiring food bloggers design their own sites through her company Wooden Spoons Kitchen. Read more »

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The Blog: Naturally Ella
Erin Alderson writes about plant-based foods and now helps aspiring food bloggers design their own sites through her company Wooden Spoons Kitchen.

What is your current ingredient obsession?
While writing The Homemade Flour Cookbook (due out in June 2014 from Fair Winds Press), I became obsessed with einkorn berries and flour. This ancient wheat has a smooth, buttery taste. I love using this flour in homemade tortillas. It can be a bit difficult to find in stores, but it’s easy to order it online. Bluebird Grain Farms is a great source.)

You’re starving: What do you pull together for dinner in 20 minutes?
Egg Skillets. I purchased an 8-inch cast-iron skillet at an antiques shop a couple of years ago and ever since, I’ve been hooked on egg skillets. I simply sauté veggies, crack a couple of eggs on top, sprinkle with a bit of cheese, and then cover to cook until the egg yolk is a nice over-easy. My favorites are a chipotle–black bean egg skillet and a shaved brussels sprouts and egg skillet.

As a web designer, what are some of the biggest improvements you suggest to people who want to create a food blog?
Simplifying. Food blogs are often too crowded and cluttered. Between ads, links elsewhere, and all the content, it can be a bit overwhelming and I often find myself clicking off sites before I even read the content.

Any funny stories to tell about the blogging life?
I often forget that family and close friends read my blog. I’ll call them to talk about life only to hear, “I just read that on your blog!” It can be kind of strange, but it makes my mother feel better when I don’t call her for a few days. She knows I’m OK because I still post!

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