Naomi Pomeroy, the F&W Best New Chef 2009 at Beast in Portland, Oregon, shares a dinner-party menu centered on the ultimate braised chicken. 

By Naomi Pomeroy
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © John Kernick

In her debut cookbook, Taste & Technique, self-taught chef Naomi Pomeroy shows home cooks how to up their game in the kitchen. Her recipes are easy enough for weeknights but also special enough for your next dinner party.

Deploy powerful flavors.

Credit: © John Kernick

A combination of chicken stock, sherry and umami-rich fish sauce becomes a potent braising liquid.

Salt matters.

Credit: © John Kernick

Look for a natural sea salt with small crystals--it coats food more evenly.

Put a lid on it.

Credit: © John Kernick

For crisp, golden skin, weigh down the chicken pieces with a pot lid while searing.

Eat your lemons.

When braised, they become soft and "intensely fantastic," says Pomeroy.

Trim your escarole.

Credit: © John Kernick

Pull off and discard the "furry" outer leaves.

Dress the bowl.

Credit: © John Kernick

Then toss the salad and vinaigrette for even distribution.