By Maggie Mariolis
Updated May 23, 2017

Michael Symon Cracking Up While Immersion Blending

Michael Symon gets me. Okay, obviously, plenty of other people feel that way about the absurdly good-natured Iron Chef, but no, I really feel like we speak the same language. He cooked for me—alright, for a lot of people—during a recent Calphalon event unveiling some very handy new cookware. He made an orange-fennel-dill salad using a huge but smartly designed mandolin. (Squeezing the handle lowers the safety guard on the mandolin, so it's always up when not in use; $80). “Oh hello there, Maggie," I swear I heard Symon say. "Please let me address our common Greek heritage through these bright, powerful flavors.” There was a compact countertop fryer with a nifty viewing window, in which he made chicken with garlic and rosemary plunked right in the cooking oil ($130), and a "No Peek" waffle iron (an indicator light lets you know when the waffles are cooked to golden perfection; $100) in which he made me wild rice waffles with a streak of blueberry jam. "I know how you love blueberries,” he seemed to say. I do, Michael Symon, I do love blueberries! This fall, Calphalon will also release an immersion blender that offers thoughtful features like a whisk attachment, a food chopper, and a removable adaptor that makes it safe on non-stick cookware, all for around $80. Clearly Calphalon has heard that an immersion blender is the one tool I am dying to buy. Michael Symon probably told them.