By Food & Wine
Updated June 02, 2017

© Constantine Poulos
Braised Pork with Cherry Gravy

Today, Food & Wine launched Chefs Make Change, a coalition of 10 superstar chefs who are helping to make the world a better place. One of these philanthropists is Michel Nischan, who happens to be guest editing on sustainability topics over at Food Republic all week. His foundation Wholesome Wave strives to make fresh, locally grown produce available in underserved communities. In our February issue, Nischan describes one of Wave’s latest initiatives, a fruit and veg “prescription” program: “Doctors in underserved communities can give an entire at-risk family a farmers’ market voucher that will allow them to increase their fresh-produce consumption by one to two servings a day.” In celebration of his cause, we’re taking a rest from the Chicken Dance this week to spotlight charities and the amazing recipes shared by these formidable chefs, including Nischan’s gorgeous Braised Pork with Cherry Gravy. In preparation for cooking it tonight, you can donate to Nischan’s cause and other chef-run charities by visiting