By Kate Krader
Updated May 23, 2017

Here’s what Mario Batali promised about this weekend’s Mario Batali Foundation Dinner, whose honoree was Jamie Oliver: “There will be no rubber chicken on the plates. There will be no boring speeches. There will be no hard sell.”

And he delivered. For what has to go down as the world’s best soft-sell fundraising events, Batali assembled a bunch of friends at his Del Posto restaurant and put them in charge of the entertainment. His friends sat in a row: Jimmy Fallon next to Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche next to Salmon Rushdie who sat beside Patti Smith. Del Posto’s rock star chef Mark Ladner and pastry chef Brooks Headley prepared the non-rubber-chicken meal; Batali’s friends performed in between courses.

Batali was at the head of the table, next to Oliver. The two met 22 years ago (“I was not a legal drinker,” Oliver remembers) at the Tuscany cooking school Capezzana. Batali was teaching a class; Oliver was rolling with Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers from London’s River Café. Now both head up awesome eponymous foundations; both with the same basic goal, to make sure kids get a better food education. And better food, period.

Where to start with the evening’s highlights: Salman Rushdie’s short story reading? Patti Smith’s duet with the Wilco guys (right before Ladner’s superb leafy green agnolotti, topped with truffle butter)? Jimmy Fallon’s anecdote about fans mistaking him for Jeff Tweedy? And then using Tweedy’s guitar to jam? The silent auction that had packages like tickets to Tiger Jam 2014, with a private golf demo from Woods?

Let’s save the highlights for another post. Meanwhile, support the Mario Batali Foundation & Jamie Oliver Foundations!