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Editor's Note: Marcus Samuelsson has been a very busy star chef. Earlier this month, he won Season 2 of Top Chef Masters; almost immediately afterward, he represented South Africa at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen (yes, he brought a vuvuzela, the World Cup's noisy stadium horn). Because of his busy schedule, he couldn't actually be at the historic World Cup in South Africa. But the Ethiopian-born, soccer-obsessed chef is still carefully following the games and reporting on them for Food & Wine. Here's his first World Cup installment.

I am a huge soccer fan and have been intensely following the 2010 FIFA World Cup on the screen. It was especially exciting to watch this past weekend. During the Germany-England game, the passion among the players was palpable, and it was crazy to see the well-known England players go home at the end. As for U.S.-Ghana, the Americans played a good game and they should be proud, but still, it was great to see the Ghana team celebrate.

To feel like I’m right there at the games, I prepare delicious South African dishes like “bunny chow,” which is like a bread pocket stuffed with delicious curry. It’s perfect game-day food because you can eat it with your hands. I also discovered boerwors (traditional South African sausages) during one of my trips. Eating it makes me feel like I’m sitting in the stadium with a painted face, blowing my vuvuzela with all my might. Check back here soon for my sausage-patty recipe. Plus, find more of my recipes from the F&W archives here.

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