By Justine Sterling
Updated April 02, 2014
Eggy, meaty, hangover-curing goodness.
| Credit: © Kana Okada

Tonight, the 2014 class of F&W Best New Chefs will celebrate at a huge blow-out with lots of food, lots of fun and of course, lots of booze. (Join in on the party by following the hashtag #FWBNC.) Tomorrow morning will be a tough one for many of the chefs and guests, but luckily each brilliant BNC has his or her own go-to hangover cure. Here they are:

“My go-to hangover cure would be a beer. And then something cheesy and eggy. We have this one little diner/coffee house that makes a turkey ham sandwich on their own white bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo served with hash browns. I add an over-medium egg to it. That’s my jam. Then a nap.” –Greg Denton; Ox, Portland, OR

“Kolaches and black coffee.” –Justin Yu; Oxheart, Houston

“A glass of Champagne for breakfast.” –Joe Ogrodnek; Dover, Brooklyn

“Green smoothies and green juice. There’s a smoothie place in L.A. that does one with coconut, kale and dates.” –Ari Taymor; Alma, Los Angeles

“I eat at night. That’s my cure—something starchy and fatty before I pass out. It’s probably not the healthiest way to go about it. In China I used to get this snack called jian bing; it’s a Chinese crepe and sometimes they put a fried chicken cutlet inside of it. It’s just delicious. It’s the ultimate late night/early morning snack—especially if you put an egg on it.” –Cara Stadler; Tao Yuan, Brunswick, ME

“Water. Lots of water.” –Walker Stern; Dover, Brooklyn

“At Off-Site Kitchen in Dallas they make a crispy, sloppy taco. It’s like a sloppy joe in a taco and it’s large and it’s not classic and it’s good.” –Matt McCallister; FT33, Dallas

“A run.” –Dave Beran; Next, Chicago

“Don’t drink too much.” –Matthew Accarrino; SPQR, San Francisco

“During SXSW I had green juice, Emergen-C, Zipfizzes, nut milks, Diet Coke and kombucha. For the green juice, I try to cram as many greens as I can into the juice: parsley, spinach, celery, apples, wheat grass, kale—anything that’s green in my fridge.” –Paul Qui; Qui, Austin

“Coffee and Advil.” –Eli Kulp; Fork, Philadelphia

“Hair of the dog. A beer.” –Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton; Ox, Portland, OR