My top news item of the day probably won't be news to most people. After all, I spotted it on Drudge Report which, I now know from reading the extensive Matt Drudge profile in this week's New York magazine, is the seventh most visited site on the Internet. It's about my favorite rage-aholic chef Gordon Ramsay, who is especially angry since he's been hit by a lawsuit for his upcoming reality TV show Kitchen Nightmares, the American spinoff of his British series in which he gives struggling restaurants a makeover. Ramsay has finally broken his silence about the lawsuit, brought by the general manager of Dillon's restaurant in Manhattan, who says the rotten meat Ramsay found in his kitchen was planted by the chef himself for the cameras. Here's what Ramsay has to say, according to TV Week, which interviewed him for next week's issue: “I would never-ever-ever dream of setting anything up.... I want to sleep at night.....The idea of bringing moldy food in and planting actors is a f***ing joke.” He continues: “We found extraordinary droppings from rats and the most unhygienic kitchen I’ve ever seen in my career. There should be a government health warning before the program saying ‘All dinner should be consumed before watching this program.’” Well, I can't wait to watch Kitchen Nightmares—the show premieres on Fox on September 19th—and I'll start planning my TV dinner now.