Once upon a time, the now-defunct Spy magazine would crank-call top restaurants to see how quickly you could score a table if you pretended you were calling for a celebrity (Cindy Crawford's "assistant" could get her a table instanteously even/especially if she was bringing 20 model friends along). I saw what must be the newest twist on this in The Guardian's Sunday Magazine last week, an issue dedicated to food. The question, posed to the renowned London nose-to-tail eating restaurant St. John: Could Kate Moss bring in one of her own turkeys—that she has raised in the Cotswolds—for Christmas dinner? The answer, after some back-and-forth about whether the bird would be brought in alive, was hilarious. St. John staffer: "I've spoken to the head chef and he's happy to do this." Guardian: "Would she need to bring it in alive?" St. John: "God no. It needs be dead with certification of where it came from and where it was killed." Guardian: "Will you pull the feathers out?" St. John: "No, that would also need to be done, though you can leave the head and feet on."