On what would have been her 105th birthday, we've pulled together Julia's contributions to the Food & Wine library over the years.
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Julia's Favorite Roast Chicken

Today Julia Child, the chef who brought French cooking into the kitchens and on to the television screens of millions of Americans with her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking and her PBS show The French Chef in the 1960s and 1970s, would have turned 105-years-old. Julia exploded on to the scene at a time when food in the United States was a more anonymous affair—long before the term “celebrity chef” was part of the lexicon. But both her knowledge in the kitchen and easy-to-love personality (not to mention her unforgettable voice and towering height of six feet, two inches) made her a star. And in turn she opened a world of French Food to an audience that may not have experienced it before.

After the success of her first book and television show she went on to create many more of both, including years of working with Jacques Pépin on Cooking in Concert and Julia & Jacque: Cooking at Home. She continued all the way through her 87th birthday, but never seemed to slow down a bit. The chef and beloved television personality passed away in 2004, but she was kind enough to share a number of recipes with Food & Wine over the years, from her plan for a perfect roast chicken to a midsummer fruit tart (don’t worry, we’re talking about Julia Child here, so there’s still plenty of butter and cream involved). We’ve rounded them up so you can spend the day cooking like Julia. Bon appetit.

Julia Child Recipes

Julia’s Favorite Roast Chicken

As Julia once said, “The best way to execute French cooking is to get good and loaded and whack the hell out of a chicken.” She was, however, a little more careful with this one.

Hollandaise-Glazed Salmon with Seafood Mousse

We couldn’t very well have a list of Julia recipes without finding a way to work in some hollandaise sauce. The egg, butter and cream concoction provides a decadent top to the salmon here.

Julia’s “Best” Beef Stew

One of her most famous recipes is her boeuf bourguignon (she showed it off on the very first episode of The French Chef). Here, one tip she emphasized was to make sure to take your time browning the meat before simmering and to make sure it’s dry before you do. “Damp meat” she says, “won’t brown.”

Perfect Sandwich Bread

For her sandwich bread, Julia actually used a bread machine, although only to make the dough, not to bake the bread. She also kept the loaf covered and weighed down during the rise to ensure it is “a perfect rectangle.”

Hash Browns

You can eat them for breakfast, but Julia preferred these with roast chicken or Cornish hen.

Midsummer Fruit Tart

Julia’s crust is thick—almost cookie like. It makes a sturdy base for the hefty topping of cheesecake and summer berries.

Stephanie’s Poppy Cake

As Julia said, “I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in food.” Well, here she swapped out wine for rum, which she used as a soak that keeps this cake moist so you can keep it up to three days before eating.

Happy birthday Julia!