If you're in the New York area this Sunday and can pull away from the Giants game, José Andrés’s awesome show Made in Spain debuts on WNET channel 13 at 3:30 p.m. As a Washington, DC, native, I've long been a fan of José's for introducing DC to his tapas, great (Mexican) tacos and spherified olive oil. But the country of Spain needs to give that man a medal—he's a tireless promoter of all things edibly Spanish, and he's really fun to watch.

Made in Spain is one of those rare cooking shows that actually makes you want to turn the TV off to cook a few things. Auditioning for the role of jolliest, most hyper chef on television, José flies back and forth from his DC home kitchen to dozens of Spanish regions, showing you where the dishes originated before recreating them with American ingredients at his house. In one episode, José travels to Catalunya, his home region, for the Calçotada Festival. In “Paella Day,” José explores Valencia’s rice fields and paella restaurants, and then makes a paella on his own backyard barbecue. A companion cookbook, Made in Spain: Spanish Dishes for the American Kitchen, is also available on the PBS website.